Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blogging and Respect

Everyday...I try to be a better person...and today I would like to blog about the DO'S and DONT'S of Blogging.  I will admit; I have made mistakes (which resulted in hurt feelings) in the blogging world and I am learning from them.  All I can say is...SORRY...and move on to be a better blogger.  I truly enjoy sharing the materials I use in my classroom with all of you!  Actually...Lindsey from the blog the teacher wife wrote an inspiring posts click here TO CHECK IT OUT! about the DO's and DONT'S of blogging.  I could not have written it any better than she did. Thank you!


  1. You are a rockstar blogger!!!! AMEN!!!

  2. What got you so upset? I am here to support you and remind you that you are a great blogger and totally sensitive to other people's feelings. I know other people do not quite get it.
    PS: Your son is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! He needs to attend kindergarten in CA.-right?

  3. Ohhhh...Fran...I would love some warm weather right now. It is -6 below zero here without the wind chill. It might get up to 9 degrees today! Cayden is the main man in my life and I think he is perfect...a perfect 3 year old monster right now! HE HE HE Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Just read her post--awesome! I have two "blog twins," meaning we have the same blog design. This was completely accidental. It doesn't bother me a bit, and I'm hoping it doesn't bother the other two!


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