Thursday, October 6, 2011


I cannot stress the importance of effective communication between the teacher and the parents.  When working with parents, the best thing to do is be honest and be sensitive! Remember…that you are talking about their most valuable thing in their lives.

I also feel that when consistent communication is kept with parents, you will be better equipped to have effective classroom management.  Regardless of your behavior management system or reward system, when you contact parents regularly, they will be more apt to listen and respond to a behavior problem.  This communication can be made through a student communication log, student calendar, or separate notes, etc.

Here are examples of the parent communication I use in my classroom each week.

I copy the monthly Snack and Happenings pages together.  I have noticed that the fonts I use have adjusted some of the words.  Sorry!
The students will benefit most if the parents and teachers work together as partners in the student’s education! 



  1. we do a daily behavior chart and i can write comments if needed but the parents know how their child's behavior was for the day because of the color coded chart. Also, i try and send home little mini notes or checklists periodically and those are strictly positives. We also do character coupons, report cards four times a year and mid terms four times a year. I will sometimes send emails, too. I think it is very important because if you have a child w/a behavior issue (and we all do), the parents can't complain, "all I hear is negatives" and when you do have to have that sit down conference with them (every November) you have already established some positive rapport...even if you are telling them something they don't want to hear. I also do a parent meeting in September. I think by having a parent meeting you establish that you are the professional (not the parent) and you set the tone that you do know what you are doing and the parents respond to that! I will throw in some personal tidbits into my monthly newsletter and I think that helps (like... fall is here....I love Panera's pumpkin latte, or enjoy your holiday weekend, I plan on catching up on my reading...) I think the parents relate to you a little better.

  2. I do a daily behavior chart with the color the student was on the clip chart. Then I also have an e-mail distribution list set up and e-mail my parents 1-2 times a week. I always include a couple online games and stuff that go along with the skills so the parents find some value from the e-mail. I also keep a private classroom blog where I post pictures and a recap each week of what we have been doing. The feedback from parents has been amazing! I totally agree with Jen's tip to toss in something personal as well. My kids (and parents) all know I am a huge Gator fan and all about my two cats. I try to go to the Cici's nights our school has and the kids absolutely freak out to see me outside of school. But deep down, I think parents can tell when you really love teaching and love the kids, and that is how you earn their trust.

  3. I blog everyday about what we do. This way they can talk at home about things that happened at school. I realized when my own daughter was in kindergarten, she would only tell me about the social things that happened throughtout the day. I KNEW her teacher was working harder than that! So I started Today in K blog. The parents love it... but I honestly don't know how often they check in? That is the only downside.
    Of course for behavior issues that come up, I keep a behavior chart that they color red yellow or green.

  4. We have a school website; however, the majority of my families do not have computers or Internet at home. We have a weekly folder that goes home with a newsletter and activity to do at home together. We send a monthly calendar. I try to talk to each parent that picks up their child. I call parents if their child was hurt on the playground or I have a concern. I try to make positive calls home also. If a child is absent, I have to call to check on them during my morning prep. This is all I can think of right now after a long week =) Thanks for sharing your ideas with all of us!!!!!!

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