Thursday, October 20, 2011

Havin' a "MONSTER" of a good time in centers this week!

The students get to make a ghost in the art center.  They have to tear around the edges of a 11*7 sheet of construction paper and cut out 2 circles and 1 oval. 
I love to see how each ghost is so different!   
Shape Toss
The students will roll a dice, say the shape, and dot it with the bingo dabber until each monster is colored in. 

Monster Measurement
The students had to measure each monster with cubes.  When they were finished, he/she had to tell me which monster was the tallest and which monster was the shortest.
I got this idea from Mrs. Lee's Monster Madness packet on TPT.  Check it out! 

Monster Counting
The students had to find a monster and count how many dots on the monster.  Then he/she had to write the number in the box.   

Listening Center
The students listen to the story, Even Monsters Need Haircuts and told me orally their favorite part (event) that happened in the story.  Then the students had to find "monster words" on a worksheet.  This you will find also in Mrs. Lee's Monster Madness Packet.   

Haunted House
The students had to complete the Monster Stomps Worksheet (working on syllables in words - Mrs. Lee AGAIN).  Then the students got to dress up in costumes while they read Halloween stories, wrote about Halloween, and guessed how many eyeballs in the jar. 

Ten Little Monster
The students had to trace the words "I" "see" and the "color word" on each page.  Then the students had to draw 1, 2, 3, up to 10 colored monsters on each page. 


  1. We are wrapping up monsters, too. The kids are having a great time completing some of the same activities you have done...from Julie!!

  2. Thank you SO much for this post! LOVE your haunted house! Julie Lee

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  4. By the way... I only showed you a couple of Mrs. Lee's "monster"astic ideas in her packet. When you purchase it, you will find many more fun academic activities to do with your kiddos. I had a hard time picking which ones I really wanted to do!

  5. I absolutely LOVE this!! I can't seem to find the packet on TPT. Any suggestions on where to find it now?


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