Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Falling for Rhyming Activities

We all know that recognition of rhyme is one of the first ways that a child demonstrates phonological awareness (an important part of literacy development).

Here is one of my favorite rhyming activities: 

 All the students get into a circle.  I throw the leaves (or snowballs) into the air.  The students each get to pick up one leaf and try to find their rhyming partner.  Then they lock arms together until everyone has found a partner that rhymes. 

You can do this activity with letters, numbers, shapes, sight words, etc.  THEY LOVE IT!

Please comment your favorite rhyming activity!



  1. I do this in the winter with popcorn words because I pretend they are snowballs. The kids go crazy and love it. What a great idea to do it during the fall!!

  2. I never thought to use anything, but Popcorn words. thanx for the thump on my head

  3. I also used this idea this fall with leaves and our "star words" written on them. The kiddos loved it! I added a special twist and put my name on one of the leaves, and whoever picked the leaf with my name on it - received a "prize." It kept them really motivated, hoping they would get my name (the special leaf).

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