Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh Come on....Mrs. Lee

Please~Please tell you "FIT" everything cute & academic into your schedule.  Not only fitting it in the week, but when do you find the time to "prep" for it.  Your advice or any other "ROCKSTAR TEACHERS" advice would be greatly appreciated! 


Please comment here and share with other hardworking teachers all over!



  1. I sometimes have certain days that we focus on certain skills, i.e. Wednesday we do a writing activity. I have the same problem as you, tho' I will have to give up specials and recess to get it all done everday.

  2. Amber, you are funny! I will try to blog about "fitting things in"...but I did blog about my schedule during the summer...I NEVER miss specials!! :) I need that time to "prep"...Plus I spend lots of after hours and "at home hours" too. :)

  3. That is what I wanted to hear...Julie. I am not the only one staying late at school,working at home at night, and going in on the weekends (sometimes). I LOVE what I do ~ even though it is ALOT of work. If the kids are having a fun time learning it is worth it! Thanks for the comment.

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for the great blog!! I wanted to let you know that recommended that my fun interactive website be used in the K-1 classroom. I do hope you get a chance to try it out!!



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  6. I am having the same problem fitting everything into the day!! I actually don't understand it because last year I was okay with my schedule and this year I am in my classroom longer (every other day we don't have specials) ...with not enough time! What I am finding myself doing is adding math and science activities into their morning rotations (while I am pulling reading groups). So even though I prefer them to be doing literacy activities; occasionally they will go to another center. As far as prepping work...I try to get there a little earlier in the morning so I won't have to stay after school for too long. The only time to prep during school hours is when they are at specials. This year I also sent home a volunteer form asking if any parents were willing to do "At Home" volunteer work. I had a lot of 'yes' responses. Now I send stuff home to be traced/cut with a due date. So parents have homework now too :)

  7. Can I just say USE your parents. Don't be affraid to ask them to help. The majority of parents want the best possible education for their children, want the class to be fun, creative and would be more than happy to help the teacher out. At least this would help cut the work load down a little.


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