Friday, August 5, 2011

Can You Hear Me Know?

Noise in the classroom is a good thing as long as the students are learning!  Students are teaching eachother in the classroom and you can usually tell when the noise is just noise or when the noise is learning.  If it does get too loud, there are a lot of ways to keep the class quiet.  You could do something like turn the lights off and on, ring a bell, or clap your hands.  I was listening to a country song on the radio and had an inspiration for an idea.  What do you think of this? 

Teachers says...Turn up the quiet!
Students say...Turn down the noise! 

Hopefully...this will bring them back down to the level of talking that is learning and not just noise!

What do you do in your classroom? Please share! 


  1. I just heard this song this morning! I love the idea!

  2. I have a chime that makes the sweetest sound. I ding it and say, "Stop and listen, hands up". The chime makes the sound long enough for students to figure out that I called for attention. Students stop what they're doing and put both hands on top of their head. It's great because it's both audio, visual and kinestetic (sp). To quiet down I do a variety of songs - see my post about it! :0) And by the way, I like your's funny and cute. I hope it works!



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