Saturday, July 9, 2011

Daily Fix It

A lot of "Rockstar" teachers have been asking what my "Daily Fix It" is. 
Last school year, I used my "Daily Fix It" in the morning when the students came into the classsroom and were settling in for the day.  The students completed the sheet individually, had it checked by a friend, and then checked by me.  This school year, I am planning on using my "Daily Fix It" during my calendur time.  I will have the message on board (not a smart board - BUMMER I KNOW!) and the students will take time to fix the sentence.  I will observe what the students are writing, and then we will fix it together as a class. 

Some things the students will be looking to "fix" are....uppercase letter at the beginning of the sentence (only), spaces between words, high frequency words spelled correctly, and ending marks. 

Other ideas...
You have to check out Growing Kinders Blog for her "Fix It Up" worksheets.  She does sell them on her TPT account.  So cute!  Love her "Math Problem Solving" sheets, too!

Have you checked out "Teacher Tipster" yet?  Under his video link there is a video called, "Inspector Fix It".  Actually...if you have about an hour to play on your computer, grab your favorite drink of choice and sit back and learn.  He shares so many of his great ideas in a fun, engaging way!

Off I go to pack for (((VEeEgaAas)))!  Can you tell I am super-duper excited?  My best friend and I are going to the I Teach K Conference on Tuesday and Thursday.  I wouldn't want to be there with anyone else, but her.  She is going to love it!  Did you know...she is going from teaching 5th grade for 25 years to Kindergarten next school year.  I think this conference is going to give her the boost of excitement she needs.  Because every student that walks into her room next year is going to be very LUCKY.  Hopefully...we will be lucky in Vegas, too!!!



  1. I am so jealous that you are in Vegas. We were there for Spring break. But Vegas and the I Teach K conference would be a dream come true!! I love to do Fix It's with my kids. They love the challenge. Your blog is great. I just found it and became a follower!! Hope you are having a great time in Vegas!!

  2. Oh, Amber, you were SO right! The conference was filled with wonderful ideas and people. I can't wait to digest it all with your help. My favorite part of the conference was having my best friend, YOU, sitting by my side assuring me that I will become a great 5K teacher. All I know is that having you as a mentor makes it "All Good!" hee hee I LOVE "Pete the Cat"


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