Friday, May 27, 2011

Grandparent's Day Tissue Paper Hats

It has been tradition for many years to make tissue paper hats with our grandparents.  I tried to take pictures of each step to share.  I believe some of you creative teachers might make these hats out of newspaper - too messy!  Some parents even keep the the hats stored away until their child graduates from high school to set out at his/her graduation party.  

Step 1 - two pieces of tissue paper crossed

Step 2 - two pieces of newsprint paper crossed

Step 3 - two more pieces of tissue paper crossed

Step 4 - One person holds the paper over the child's while the other person wraps tape around three times just above the ears.  Make sure to tell the students that it will only take a couple of seconds, it will be dark, and you will hear loud crinkly sounds. 

Step 5 - The grandparents and grandchild decorate the hats together.

Step 6 - the students get to wear their creative hats!

We will have a parade at the end of grandparent's day so all the students will be able to show off their special hats they made with their grandparents.



  1. I love this idea. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Very Cute- I was wondering how did you make the hand prints with different colors.

  3. Thanks - I just used tempra paint and painted the four colors on their hand. It was kind of messy but fun! It did not take long to dry :)

  4. How long did it take you? What did they put on the hats? Would this be to young for fifth graders?

  5. We featured your wonderful hats and poem on our Mommy and Me Book Club post today! Thank you for your wonderful ideas!

  6. May I ask what you do in the case of the child whose grandparent cannot come? I'm thinking they could, of course, invite a surrogate, but am interested in any other suggestions. I was also thinking we could invite "grandparents" from the retirement home.

    1. For littles that don't have grandparents show, we pair them with other grands and of course the teachers! Works well!


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