Tuesday, February 8, 2011

100 Day Activities

As a class we make our T-shirts the week before.  The students stamp the front with fabric paint and I (or a REALLY GOOD FRIEND) will write the names on the back of their shirts at 12:00 on a Saturday night to get ready for the big day.

The students will make thier 100 days smarter hats when they arrive.  I got the idea from The Chalk Box and I love it.  They have to put 10 little stickers on 10 strips and count by 10's to 100. 

One activity that I enjoy doing but did not get a picture of this year is when the students draw a picture of their face at 100 years old on paper and then we crinkle the paper up into a ball.  When we open it up, it looks like they have wrinkles on their face.  So cute!

 Did your Dum*Dum sucker disappear in 100 licks?  Yes or No 



  1. I LOVE the sign on your door! I cannot wait to create that for our 100th day next week! :o)

  2. yay for 100 days! looks like your students had fun:)


  3. I'm awarding you the stylish blog award! Please go to my blog to follow instructions.


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